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Buying Or Leasing Cars: Which Is Better


Most people are quick to jump at the faster and more flexible payment procedures for buying a car. But many people fail to realise that leasing may have a slightly higher end price, but it is the safest choice to choose to get your first car. Business owners often opt for leasing vehicles for their employees and their company functions. As it is a cheaper investment, they can provide for their employees while making sure that they optimise their budget constraints for projects.

For many of us, we can’t immediately afford to pay upfront the full price of a car. All, if not most, of us, spend in instalments from houses to flat-screen TVs. Here are a few essential factors why you should look forward to scouting the cheapest lease deals on car brands around the neighbourhood.

Low or no deposit payments

Not all lease payments have high deposit rates. But it is possible to negotiate your initial payment from 0 to a massive percentage of the final buying price to reduce your monthly payments. Depending on your current wages, it’s up to you to plan your payment while negotiating with your local car lease dealer.

Safety from depreciation

The most important perk of going for a car lease is that you won’t have to deal with the high price of depreciation. As finance companies take it upon themselves to derive a vehicle leasing price from monthly costs, you will not have to suffer the backlash right away after purchasing the product, even though a lease contract still binds you.


Many people opt to look for second-hand cars instead of buying from a company. Though it has its merits, you are not always sure about the product’s integrity and security when purchasing used products. Depending on the lease deal you make, you will get assistance and maintenance for the vehicle that you are leasing, as it’ll be under the manufacturer’s warranty for a reasonable duration after the signing of the contract.


In summary, leasing will leave you with a low initial payment. The opportunity to accept a fixed mileage contract frees you from other monetary responsibilities and is backed by the safety and security of the leasing company. First-time car owners are recommended to go for leasing as it allows you to own a car while not having to pay it in full, and the benefit of leaving the commuting life behind. It could take you a long while to save up for a car, but with leasing you can have one and use it without even fully paying for it.

Though there is a final balloon payment to be paid at the end of the contract, there are a lot of ways to go around this as you go along. The benefit of owning your vehicle and having dedicated only a fraction of your savings instead of spending all of them on a single purchase is the more economically viable choice to take.