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Gogo AVANCE L-3 Factory Option for Pilatus PC-24 Super-versatile Jet


BROOMFIELD, Colo., Sept.. 16, 20 20 / / PRNewswire/ — Pilatus has selected gogo Business Aviation’s (NASDAQ: gogo) AVANCE l-3 platform for a factory option on brand fresh manufacturing PC-24 aircraft, also it has procured STCs for its PC-24 and the PC-12 NGX.

The PC-24 unites the PC-12 NGX because of the next airframe out of Pilatus to put in the AVANCE L-3 system at the mill. Even the AVANCE l-3 is an in-flight wi-fi system that delivers the advantages of this NASDAQ: GOGO at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-gogo AVANCE platform at a tiny, lightweight form factor, together with using the most inexpensive pricing options within aviation. With the l-3 users may decide on an in-flight wi-fi experience suited with their distinctive requirements or preferences. It’s a perfect alternative for smaller business jets and turboprops.

Pilatus’ choice Ofgogo AVANCE l-3 is a fantastic advance with a respected partner who understands that the value of their software-centric AVANCE platform and also the reliability and functioning of this gogosystem,” explained Mark Sander, vice president of OEM sales for go-go. The AVANCE l-3 empowers a customized experience to fit clients’ needs depending on the number of passengers and also the internet experience that they want.

Using AVANCE L-3, Passengers and the team could stay attached with email, send texts, and make voice calls using gogoText Talk, or access their favorite flight programs like moving maps, weather, and airport details. The l 3 system comes equipped with NASDAQ gogoVision including news and entertainment including the hottest Hollywood films, hit tv programs, and business programming in Bloomberg TV, along with 30 leading magazine names in digital format.

The AVANCE L-3 System sticks apart from the market because our clients can pick the in-flight wi-fi experience that they desire, in addition to the excess value-added characteristics and benefits it empowers, explained Tom Aniello, vice president of promotion for Pilatus. in-flightwi-fi has come to be among the very crucial features asked by our clients, and depending on the operation our PC-12 operators enjoyed, it had been a straightforward decision for all of the people to incorporate it as a choice from the mill for its PC-24.

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