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The difficulties around the world, such as the crisis and pandemic of Covid-19, changed the image of a new type of financial services among people. Currently, we are facing so many online platforms that are providing users with new possibilities in the sphere of finance. However, in this short article, we want to write about one of the unique ideas in this field that is not just covering the new ideas in finance, but also making life easier for people around the world by allowing them to have all different services all in one place. In this paper, we want to write about the Uphold platform, its possibilities and Uphold debit card’s features. Browse around here.

The Uphold Abilities

As mentioned before, Uphold is a online platform with a new and unique idea, users are able to trade anything to anything; more in detail to say, users can trade between cryptocurrencies, US Stocks, precious metals and national currencies all via Uphold platform and as easy as possible. It is worthy to mention that this platform is covering 27 different national currencies, 50 US stocks, 4 precious metals and also supporting 57 different types of cryptocurrencies. With Uphold, customers will be able to create a schedule for their future trades by using the AutoPilot option in this platform. Also Uphold is providing users with debit cards that will allow them to pay with crypto, gold, etc. It is worthy to mention that Uphold is offering the cheapest rates that are available in marketplace, allowing users to transfer money worldwide without any fees and instantly and also this platform is providing withdraw ability to bank account in 36 countries or to private wallets in seven crypto network, free-free and as fast as possible.

Uphold Debit Card

With a slogan of “It’s your Money, It’s your choice”, Uphold started to provide its users with debit cards. In this regard, customers will be able to have physical and virtual debit cards from Uphold platform, which will allow them to use it in online and offline format. Also users will be able to choose the currency that they want to spend with a debit card; it can be crypto, metal, currencies and anything else. Additionally, because these cards are Mastercards, customers can use it in any place around the world that accept Mastercard; also in case of withdrawing funds, they will be able to use any ATMs around the world without any fees. It is worthy to mention that with using the debit card, for every USD spending, users can gain 1% back USD and in case of using crypto, they will gain 2% back. Shortly to say, Uphold and its debit card is a world of possibilities and abilities.


Definitely, Uphold can count as one of the unique idea and platform among others. We believe this platform with its special services and debit card abilities, can be a good solution not just for the current time, but also for an easier future.