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When to seek professional help for tax planning?


Modernizations are increasingly present and what we realize is that, in the near future, a company’s processes may be further optimized. However, they do not rule out the performance of a professional, since humans are responsible for the strategic part and for feeding the machines with the correct data. Professional help can be obtained through accounting outsourcing or business consulting. The accounting outsourcing has the role to organize, track, analyze and record all aspects of the taxation of the business, which may involve: monthly billing, statements, financial reports and payments to staff.

Some advantages of having these aids are as follows

It can be hired when there is no professional accounting specialist in the company, who can dedicate all his time to take care of the tax part, constantly evaluating the possibility of reducing taxes and tax incentives , adapting to the rules, controlling information, updating statements , among others. The consulting business aims to boost the development of the business, optimizing decisions and leaving the company more competitive in the market. It can be hired when the manager needs guidance on identifying where the company is and where it wants to go, making better strategic planning and leaving the sectors better structured, in addition to assisting in monitoring the growth of the business.

Financial and economic control

Professional help increases control over various company processes involving finance and taxation. This allows the owners to know the reality of the enterprise and understand whether they are profiting or making losses, in addition to making better choices for the business and thereby reducing costs.

Payment of taxes and charges on time

The delay in paying Taxes as an independent contractor generates charges with the tax authorities, which often involve interest and large fines. With the debt registered in the Federal Active Debt, the company may suffer measures adopted by the government to reinforce the collection, such as a judicial process.

Better labor relations

It is essential to be careful with labor obligations, as noncompliance can generate, in addition to fines, lawsuits. Having specialized help in this regard makes managers more confident that responsibilities are being followed according to the law.

Tax planning

As we have already mentioned, a poorly chosen tax regime has the capacity to lead the enterprise to loss or even bankruptcy. Having a consultancy focused on the future allows the company to enjoy good financial health.

Valuation of the company

The appreciation of a business is due to the way it deals with its finances, which tends to reflect on its image before society. It is important to have a good cash flow, high working capital, budget control, financial balance and tax optimization so that the project has a chance to continue growing.